4 BHK Luxury Residences in Baner, Pune: 5 Maidan By Skyi
5 Acre Maidan

5 Maidan rises next to a playground reservation (PG-6) that spreads across 5 acres. Designed and developed to strengthen a nature-man balance and provide a serene space to unwind and unfold after a long day’s work, the park offers ample opportunities to escape from the routine and unite with nature and the community at large.

Panoramic views


Better Privacy

High ACH & LUX

Maidan Playground

The maidan offers a mix of well planned spaces that encourage an active lifestyle. Be it a game of tennis or just a walk in the park, there will be a range of options available for everyone.

Miyawaki forest

The benefits of a miyawaki forest include increased biodiversity, less air pollution, more soil water absorption and cooling of the surrounding areas.

Seating area

The maidan will have planned seating areas for senior citizens and designated places to relax after a hard fought game.


The maidan will have walkways for you to enjoy a long walk in solitude or with a group of friends to renergise your day.


A mix of play areas for children and adults, designed for outdoor sports and an active lifestyle. It will have play courts, seating and gardens.