4 BHK Luxury Residences in Baner, Pune: 5 Maidan By Skyi
Private Pods

The pods are access controlled private spaces owned by the residents to pursue work, studies or hobbies. It can double up as your personal office space, design studio, gaming den, art room and more. The pods are supported by best in class infrastructure that includes conference rooms, guest lounge, library and wash rooms.


fully serviced

limitless design

zero wastage

well lit

The Private Pods

Pods are meticulously designed, spacious and premium spaces that offer you privacy and quiet. It’s your personal retreat to pursue your interests, hobbies, work or just unwind.

The pods and their eco system are fully serviced by professionals, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to pursue your interests without worrying of the upkeep.

Scientifically planned on the zero wastage design philosophy where space is utilised to its maximum to deliver a premium experience

Pods are well lit with ample natural light to keep you fresh, active and alert.